5 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Presence


1. Leverage Other Profiles

Do you have an existing online profile somewhere outside of Twitter (big or small)? Use it to springboard into Twitter. If it’s a blog, mention that you’re using Twitter in a post and link to it from your profile and contact pages. If you’re on Facebook use one of the numerous tools available to drag in your Tweets to facebook. Add it to your email signature, business card, mention it in interviews or guest posts that you might do…. etc. The same applies with any online (or even offline) presence that you have - link to your Twitter page and link to it often 

2. Tweet and Tweet Often - But Create Space for Reactions

The more active you are on Twitter the more likely you are to have someone find you from within Twitter and add you as someone that they are following. Every Tweet you do comes up on the Twitter Public Timeline - so upping your Tweet numbers can help have you appear more often there.

Warning - Tweet too regularly and about nothing worthwhile and you run the risk of loosing followers. What I’ve found is that on days that I’m more talkative than others that there can come points where I’m talking so much that my followers don’t have room to respond. Twitter can actually become quite confusing once you have too many trains of thought going all at once so I try to stick to one topic at a time and create pauses between them to let others interact.

3. Be Conversational

Apart from a good influx of new followers when I announced I was using Twitter at first the days that I get most new followers are those days that I interact with other Twitter users. Everytime you reply to someone and have them reply to you your Twitter ID appears in the feeds of others which exposes you to potentially thousands upon thousands of other Twitter users. Asking questions is perhaps the best way to get conversational on Twitter. Get 10 people to answer a question you’ve Tweeted and if even just one person signs up from each of those 10 people’s replies to you you have 10 new followers. Just as important is to participate in other people’s Tweets also - reply to their questions and ideas as much as possible.

The key with this approach is to be conversational about topics that will interest others. For example if you ask a very general question like ‘what cereal do you use’ and get a lot of answers - but i suspect you’ll get more answers AND new followers if the question was more relevant to people’s lives in some way (read on for more on this).

Another thought on the ‘art of conversation’ on Twitter is that I find I do better when I’m not talking about me. No one likes to hang around with people who just talk about themselves - so get the balance right between talking about yourself and talking about others and other topics of interest.

4. Provide Value

Tweeting on a personal level is fun and for many that’s as far as it goes - but if you’re interested in growing your Twitter influence you need to provide your followers (and potential followers) with value. It’s the same principle as growing a blog - if you help enhance people’s lives in some way they are more likely to want to track with you and read more of what you have to say. As a result your conversations should ‘matter’ on some level. Sure you can throw in personal tweets and have some fun with it - but unless you’re providing something useful to people (information, entertainment, news, education etc) they probably won’t follow you for long.

5. Tweet in Peak Times

Last week I tracked when I had new twitter followers add me and found (as I expected) that the frequency of ‘adds’ where made during business hours in the USA. My being situated in Australia can have some positives and negatives but one of the things I don’t enjoy about it is that I miss out on a lot of interaction with my followers who are on the other side of the world from me. I try to be online when the US wakes up (evenings for me) so as to make the most of the opportunities of being awake in this overlap time (similarly first thing in the morning for me can be good as my US friends are sometimes still at work or online at home in their early evenings). Tweeting during these times only increases the chances of someone finding you and adding you as someone to follow.

Bonus Tip

These are some of the things that I’ve noticed about my own Twitter follower numbers. I probably should add that for me it’s never really been a concerted effort. I do have the advantage of being able to do #1 quite well quite naturally but my last tip would be to just be yourself and Tweet form the heart. Don’t stress too much about the numbers but connect genuinely with the Twitter followers you already have and let the rest take care of itself!

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10 Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website

1. Twitter Widgets

If you're just getting started with wanting to integrate Twitter into your site, than simply adding the traditional Twitter widget to your site's sidebar is a great start. It's not sexy, but it's a great way to show your latest tweets on your website. It's an effective way to get readers involved into your Twitter updates, without taking up too much screen real estate.

Twitter widgets can be used with virtually any site or blog, including HTMl-only pages. While they may not require the most exciting development hack to incorporate Twitter into a website (copy + paste), simplicity is not a bad thing.

2. Twitter Buttons

Twitter Buttons is a nifty little service that helps you quickly create a badge to promote your Twitter account. You can choose from over 40 different well-designed Twitter buttons, spanning different shapes and sizes. The service also allows you to automatically create the HTML needed to build the badge without any programming knowledge, not even a teensy bit. Easy peasy.

3. Twitter Tools

Thanks to Wordpress' dominance in the blog software world, many blog owners are using Alex King's excellent Twitter Tools to integrate Twitter into their blogs. Twitter tools is a Twitter Swiss Army knife for Wordpress, adding almost limitless functionality to an otherwise Twitter-less blog. The nifty plugin allows you to:

  • Create a blog post from each of your tweets
  • Create a daily digest post of your tweets
  • Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post
  • Post a tweet from your sidebar
  • Pass your tweets along to another service (via API hook)

... and much more.

4. TwitThis

Twitter is a powerful promotional tool. Many influential Twitterers have thousands of followers, and an endorsement from one of the "Twitterati" could send a wave of traffic to your site. If you factor in that those followers might tweet to their followers, than you have a very viral social marketing tool.

TwitThis is a little button that you can place in your HTML or in your blog template to allow your readers to quickly and easily share what they're reading with their Twitter followers. Aside from an HTML button, users can also "tweet" their findings via a bookmarklet, and Wordpress users have a nifty plugin they can install as well.

5. TweetSuite

TweetSuite is one of the most compelling uses of the Twitter API in a blog plugin. TweetSuite is a Wordpress plugin that furrows among the Twitter API and finds the tweets that reference the current page. It adds another aspect to commenting, showing more of the total conversation around the blog post. Aside from that, TweetSuite boasts some impressive functionality like a Retweet button and a "Tweet this" button (like the famed "Digg this" button).

6. Chirrup

TweetSuite is currently offered only for Wordpress blogs, but there is another solution for pulling Twitter comments across any platform: Chirrup. Chirrup allows you to display all of the references from Twitter on a given webpage (much like TweetSuite), except it does this by only adding a Javascript snippet. Chirrup is a PHP/Javascript program that has to be hosted locally, but only requires a tiny Javascript include to work on any page. This means that any static HTML page can now have a Twitter-based commenting system.

That's a lot of marketing potential for sites wanting to tap into Twitter.

7. Tweet This

Tweet This is a Wordpress plugin that has much of the same functionality as TwitThis, with a few more bells and whistles. Tweet This automatically shortens your website or blog post URL with a URL shortening service, and also allows you to easily configure the look and feel of the service, without having to dig around in the template code too much. It's a simple drop-in solution for Wordpress blogs, but a powerful way to help spread your content among readers on Twitter.

8. IntenseDebate

IntenseDebate is one of the best 3rd-party commenting systems on the web. The service is famous for its threaded comments, user system and rating, excellent design and ease of installation. Yet one of the most progressive features in IntenseDebate's deep feature set is the ability to notify Twitter when you've made a comment. Not only does this feature help the commenter showcase what he's yakking about online, it also gives the originating site some more attention on Twitter.

9. Aweber

Prized for it's stellar email marketing features, Aweber has an excellent feature for any newsletter marketer: The ability to tweet the newsletter. The newsletter delivery service has actually created a way to convert RSS to Email to Tweet (if you can wrap your head around that).

There are many site owners who run incredibly successful email newsletters, so this feature is very useful for those wanting to bring that extra bit of awareness to a newsletter.

10. Twitterfeed

Last, but certainly not least, is a pioneer of website and Twitter integration: Twitterfeed. Twitterfeed allows you to automatically insert tweets into your Twitter stream from any RSS feed. Many blogs utilize this functionality to let their Twitter followers know when new content is available. You can tailor the format of the generated tweets, and it's a great way to keep your Twitter followers engaged on your blog.

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Make your own Twitter Background - Ready PSD Files


Are you ready to get a better Twitter background? Go ahead and download the files below and construct your own Twitter background. They are Photoshop files, and you or your designer shouldn't have any trouble reworking them to personalize them for yourself or your business. Enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget that once you have your new Twitter background done, you should upload it to Flickr and tag it "twitterbacks" so it will be shared in the list on the right of this page.

The "ProBlogger" Background
Inspired by Dareen Rowse at Problogger.net. View Darren's Twitter page. You can also see this one live in action on Jim Kukral's Twitter page. Here's another one to check out.

This is a great background for anyone with a personal brand, like a blogger or artist, etc...

Download PSD & make your own!

The Internet Genius "Going Green" Background
Another user submitted Twitterback from@annegogh on Twitter, check it out.

Download PSD & make your own!

Click image to view bigger.

Visit TopGreen100.com if you have a green site.

The Internet Genius Background
Our first user submitted Twitterback from@internetgenius on Twitter, check it out.

Download PSD & make your own!

The Internet Genius "Blue Bar" Background
Our second user submitted Twitterback from@internetgenius on Twitter, check it out.

Download PSD & make your own!

The Business Professional Background
Nothing really inspired this one. It's very vanilla. View the Winelibrary.tv (Gary Vaynerchuk)Twitter page to see a good example.

This is a solid background layout for a business or a personal brand. I'm sure it can be fancied up quite a bit.

Download PSD & make your own!

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Top 20 Twitter Users for 2008

#Name (Screen Name)LocationURLFollowersFriendsUpdatesJoined
1.Barack Obama (BarackObama)Chicago, ILhttp://www.barackobama.com165,414168,0672631.9 years ago
2.Kevin Rose (kevinrose)San Francisco, CAhttp://kevinrose.com88,2021401,7312.0 years ago
3.CNN Breaking News (cnnbrk)Everywherehttp://cnn.com/84,74015792.0 years ago
4.Leo Laporte (LeoLaporte)Petalumahttp://leoville.com75,3646261,6911.8 years ago
5.Twitter (twitter)San Francisco, CAhttp://twitter.com53,291302341.9 years ago
6.Jason Calacanis (JasonCalacanis)Los Angeles, CAhttp://www.mahalo.com/answers/51,11961,4727,5372.5 years ago
7.Guy Kawasaki (guykawasaki)http://alltop.com/49,34051,15216,8651.4 years ago
8.Robert Scoble (Scobleizer)Half Moon Bay, California, USAhttp://www.fastcompany.com/sc...49,31220,87417,0932.2 years ago
9.Stephen Fry (stephenfry)Dawes Point, NSW (-33.856400,151.212997)http://stephenfry.com48,39931,920737187 days ago
10.Mr Tweet (MrTweet)Everywherehttp://www.mrtweet.net46,69353,23413874 days ago
11.Veronica Belmont (Veronica)San Franciscohttp://www.veronicabelmont.com46,4424463,2262.2 years ago
12.alexalbrecht (alexalbrecht)Los Angeles, CAhttp://totallyradshow.com46,397321,412277 days ago
13.MacRumorsLive (macrumors)http://www.macrumors.com44,32031261.8 years ago
14.Rick Sanchez (ricksanchezcnn)http://www.cnn.com/ricksanchez44,07922,2641,375174 days ago
15.Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)iPhone: 48.489232,-122.673705http://www.techcrunch.com42,1505426,2701.9 years ago
16.MarsPhoenix (MarsPhoenix)Mars, Solar Systemhttp://tinyurl.com/5wwaru40,9284653256 days ago
17.Stephen Colbert (StephenColbert)USA!39,93051601.8 years ago
18.John C. Dvorak (THErealDVORAK)http://dvorak.org/blog38,0946741,046286 days ago
19.Justine (ijustine)Los Angeles, CAhttp://www.ijustine.com37,6661,8595,9592.3 years ago
20.Evan Williams (ev)San Francisco, CA, UShttp://evhead.com37,2858853,7321,034 days ago


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